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Pay easily and securely with swiftpayo

The simplest way to pay in cash online.

How does it work?

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Pay online with swiftpayo

Have a look at the online shops, in which you can pay with your 16-digit code.

Where can I use it?

Discover your gateway to play

Get a swiftpayo prepaid code near you, and pay online with the 16-digit code. Safe and reliable without a bank account or credit card. It has never been easier to pay online with cash.

There are two ways to pay online with swiftpayo:

Without registration

  • You only need your 16-digit code to pay
  • We do not use any personal data
  • Without bank account and credit card
  • Monthly maintenance fee from the second month. You can find details here.

Max. amount per transaction: up to 50 EUR *

With some online shops, registration may be necessary for all transactions.

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*Country-specific functions

With registration

Register free, and within a couple of minutes.

  • Pay simply with your login details
  • Manage your online payments
  • Order a prepaid swiftpayo Mastercard*
  • Get a giftcard in the swiftpayo giftcard shop*
  • Buy swiftpayo online from epin*
  • Choose swiftpayo in larger amounts*
  • More features with the swiftpayo app
  • Monthly maintenance fee from the 13th month. You can find details here.

Max. amount per transaction: up to 1.000 EUR *

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*Country-specific functions

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Where can I purchase it?

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To the online shops

Do you already have a swiftpayo prepaid code?

Then simply check your balance before you enter the 16-digit code here.

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Why swiftpayo?

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  1. Without a bank account Pay online without a bank account or credit card.
  2. Secure and carefree We don't need any of your personal details.
  3. Risk-free payments As secure and as fast as cash.
  4. Accepted worldwide Pay in thousands of online shops.

Download the swiftpayo app

Download the app for the best swiftpayo experience. Full control of your online payments, even when travelling.

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